Our Product

What is FloWell?

FloWell is a non-hazardous aqueous solution that is formulated to return precipitated wax (Paraffin) to it’s original oil phase in crude oil.

It is non-flammable and non-toxic product for use in all phases of the oil industry.
The result from a typical application is a marked increase in oil production, improved oil to water mix, and reductions in well down time and maintenance costs.

How does FloWell work?

When mixed with adequate amounts of good crude oil and agitated, FloWell breaks down paraffin causing it to return to the crude oil solution where it remains in solution until refining takes place. Furthermore, one of the major added benefits for FloWell applications is a reduction in viscosity apparent in the oil that has been treated. This will improve all aspects of production from the treatment point all the way through the flow lines to the refinery!

Not only does our product work efficiently, it can be proven to be one of the most cost-effective paraffin treatments available to the industry..

Where Can FloWell be Applied?

FloWell can be applied at any point in the oil production process where paraffin build-up occurs. It is most effective in the following applications:

• Down-hole • Flow line • Tank bottom • Pipeline • Transportation tankers • Tank farm facility operations

When applied to your production wells, FloWell disperses paraffin deposits as well as scale-like deposits which occur in the well bore, perforations, and pump during down well operations. In addition to eliminating paraffin build-up around the tubing and pumping components, monitoring of application will ensure any existing and future paraffin deposits will also be eliminated by FloWell and prevented from accumulating in flow lines and separators.

Additionally, by applying FloWell to down well operations, one can increase the effectiveness of scale and corrosion inhibitors, plus keep waxy deposits out of water handling facilities.

What is Paraffin Wax in Oil?

Paraffin wax is a component of Crude Oil. There are two main phases for Paraffin’s, Cloud Point and Pour Point.

Cloud point is the temperature at which Paraffin’s start to wax and precipitate out of the crude oil. Pour point is the temperature at which this waxing process becomes so prolific that the oil ceases to flow. FloWell remediates this Paraffin waxing process, and returns the wax back to the oil where it remains right through to the refining process irrespective of temperature considerations thereafter.